Our company’s aim is to make the world a better place..


Healthy living environment
Never before has nature faced such hard times. Therefore we drive solely electrical vehicles charged with green electricity. That is our contribution to a healthy city.


Work for all
For older people it is often more difficult to find a new job these days. We are actively recruiting our friendly drivers amongst people over fifty.


Happy customers
Passengers value our service at an 8.5 score on average, thanks to our friendly drivers and clean and neat cars. That is a win-win for everyone!

Taxi Electric is a Social Enterprise. Delivering a contribution to society is more important to us than making huge profits.

Electric driving

..therefore our cars are fully powered by green electricity..

Traffic is one of the main causes of air pollution and CO2 emissions. Taxis are great polluters in the city. A taxi based in Amsterdam produces on average an equal amount of exhaust fumes as 35 private cars. That is why electric taxis are a great contributor to a cleaner city.

img-electricmotor100% electrically powered 
Our taxis are 100% electrically powered for it is cleaner, quieter and more comfortable. Friendly for the environment, and for you too.

img-groenestroom100% green power
By driving on green electricity we are able to realise maximum environmental benefits. Taxi Electric is using green electricity supplied by Greenchoice.

Our drivers

..and we enjoy working with people over fifty.

Taxi Electric is actively recruiting drivers amongst representative people over fifty. But apart from that, we are working with other motivated drivers as well, like students. Any service-oriented and friendly driver will be given a chance to come and work for us.




Together we are Taxi Electric.

The Taxi Electric team consists of motivated people who wish to contribute to a better world. In cooperation with our partners: DOEN, Start Foundation, VSB Fonds, Instituut GAK and Social Impact Ventures NL, we work towards a sustainable and socially responsible future.

Customer reviews

After a ride with one of our taxis passengers are given the option to fill in an online review. Read the experiences here!