Taxi Electric. Change the System.

Taxi Electric is the first electric taxi service in Europe. Our mission is to make the taxi market more sustainable. Therefore we offer electric taxi services from Amsterdam and aim to boost the demand for electric transportation. Taxi Electric is a Social Enterprise. Delivering a contribution to society is more important to us than making huge profits.

Our world has become seriously out of balance, the differences are increasing. If everyone remains self centered, we will all lose in the long run. It is time for change. With more attention to each other, to the environment and to collective profits. Join us. Change the System.

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How customers talk about us

  • 8.5
    Kyle - 24-09-2016
    I have used Taxi Electric (Tesla) on several occasions now and every time my expectations are exceeded! I would definitely recommend Taxi Electric to anyone visiting Holland, and I will continue to use it every time I visit.
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  • 8.5
    Gary Nielsen - 23-09-2016
    One - your taxi service is excellent. Two - this survey is excellent. I enjoyed all the emoticons!
  • 8.5
    Keith Honea - 23-09-2016
    I'm not in Amsterdam that often, but without a doubt, I will choose you guys again when I am. I love that you are thinking of the environment and that you hire older adults who may otherwise have difficulty finding employment. Bravo! Oh - and that ride in a Tesla was magnificent :). I have already recommended your service to friends. Thank you!!
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  • 7.5
    Wayne Goldstein - 17-08-2016
    Booked the electric taxi on the web. The driver was on time, courteous and the car was clean. It was a great way to experience an electric vehicle and do some good for the environment.
  • 8.5
    Alex Thomson - 17-08-2016
    Excellent service. Superb car. Absolutely the only way to travel from Amsterdam to the airport